Skill Development Course

Skill Development Certificate Courses

Sr. No. APSSD Code Course/Program University /
Duration Admission
Aerospace & Aviation
1 APSSD/A101 Technical Services Engineer NSDC
2 APSSD/A102 Design Engineer Aerodynamics NSDC
3 APSSD/A103 Design Engineer Avionics/Electrical systems NSDC
4 APSSD/A104 Aerospace Structural Engineer (Elective 1: Designer) (Elective 2: Analyst) NSDC
5 APSSD/A105 Aerospace Design Quality Assurance Engineer NSDC
6 APSSD/A106 Airline Technical Publication Executive NSDC
7 APSSD/A107 Airlines Ground Support Equipment Mechanic NSDC
8 APSSD/A107 Aircraft Power plant Technician NSDC
9 APSSD/A109 Aircraft Instrument Technician NSDC
10 APSSD/A109 Composite Repair Technician NSDC
11 APSSD/A1011 Helicopter Transmission Technician NSDC
12 APSSD/A1012 Propeller Technician NSDC
13 APSSD/A1013 FOL storage and control Technician NSDC
14 APSSD/A1014 Seat and Safety equipment Technician NSDC
15 APSSD/A1015 Aerospace Design Assistant (Elective 1: Mechanical) (Elective 2: Electrical) NSDC
16 APSSD/A1016 Aerospace CNC Machinist NSDC
17 APSSD/A1017 Aerospace Welder NSDC
18 APSSD/A1018 Aerospace Precision Mechanical Assembly Fitter NSDC
Instrumentation, Automation, Surveillance & Communication

Graduation/Post Graduation Programs

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