Skill Development

APSSD (Academy of Professional Studies and Skill Development) in collaboration with its global partners brings the best employability and career enhancement programs for its members. We offer flexible e-learning and class room programs to match your time and convenience. Our 24X7 member’s support through on-line chat, voice and video conferencing will help you achieve your goal from the convenience of your workplace and home.

National skill development corporation

National skill development corporation (NSDC)

APSSD is in the process of getting its specialised courses approved by NSDC under The Government of India’s skill development initiative. Our programs once accredited by NSDC will be offered through various training partners all across the country as well as overseas locations, for the returning workforce who after working in other countries would want to settle down back home. APSSD is in the process of launching on-line training programs to facilitate people who are currently employed and can’t spare time to attend theory classes, they can undergo theoretical training through e-learning and clear doubts through chat, voice and video call with our domain experts. They can choose to attend practical training sessions as per their convenience from multiple practical sessions conducted all through the year by APSSD at its centres.

Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council

Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council

Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (AASSC) is the apex body in skill development in the emerging Aerospace and Aviation sector. It is founded by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Bangalore Chamber of Industries & Commerce (BCIC) and Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies & Industries (SIATI). The Governing Council of AASSC has representation from the top management of the promoter organisations, leading airline companies, research organisations, vocational training providers, NSDC, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), government agencies like Airport Authority of India and Ministry of Civil Aviation.

APSSD (Academy of Professional Studies and Skill Development) is a recommended training partner of AASSC and conducts various courses developed and offered by AASSC through on-line and class room training at it’s centres. APSSD and AASSC are jointly working to improve the skill set of freshers who have completed their under graduate, graduate and post graduate formal education in Aviation and Aerospace field to make them employable and thus empower Indian youth.

Academy of Professional Studies and Skill Development